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Why Corporate Flu Vaccinations Are More Important Than Ever

Corporate flu vaccinations should be a priority for businesses every year, but it’s become more obvious than ever before why health in the workplace should be taken seriously. Influenza spreads quickly and easily and most people will take at least a few weeks to recover from it, whilst others will find that it’s life-threatening – thousands of vulnerable Australian’s die from the illness every year, most often because of complications like pneumonia or because they had underlying health conditions. With the pandemic now playing out globally, it’s very easy for companies to see and appreciate why it’s so important to protect the health and wellbeing of employees in the workplace. Corporate flu vaccinations are one way to dramatically reduce the effect of influenza of people in work environments and play an important role in stopping the spread of viral infections. All workplaces should consider implementing a program to help protect their employees. Here’s why corporate flu vaccinations are so important;

Influenza is not the same as getting a cold

Because influenza and the common cold share a few symptoms, like a stuffy nose or a cough, some people think that they are the same and that getting influenza is no more serious than having a bit of a sniffly nose, but that’s actually not the case at all. Influenza can actually life-threatening and very severe and worse of all, it’s highly contagious and can spread rapidly through the workplace. This viral illness can come on very quickly and can leave people bedridden for a number of weeks. For the young, the elderly, and the immunocompromised, the consequences of getting influenza can be deadly and puts their health at serious risk. Asking vulnerable people and employees to be in a workplace where they could pick up this illness and bring it to come is very dangerous, which is why workplaces should implement corporate flu vaccinations.

Influenza is very contagious and is passed invisibly through saliva, sneezing, and touch. It can live on surfaces for a number of days and so spreading it is very quick. Once people become infected it can take them up to a week before they begin to show symptoms which gives them plenty of time to spread it around the workplace, that’s why it’s so important for businesses to ensure that everyone has gotten their shots and that health and hygiene practices are carefully followed.

Influenza shots need to be given every year

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Influenza shots need to be given annually to be effective because new strains of viral illnesses are circulating all the time. It takes up to six weeks for immunity to be reached after getting the shots, so employers should ideally arrange corporate flu vaccinations a few months before the flu season. Annually run programs provide optimal protection and help to ensure that the workplace remains healthy (and happy) throughout the influenza season.

You can’t get influenza from the shot

Some employers are reluctant to implement programs because they believe the misconception that it’s possible to get sick from the shot and they believe that giving their employees the shot will mean some people get sick. It’s actually not possible to get influenza from a shot. If people experience the symptoms of influenza after receiving a shot it usually because they were already sick, have picked up a different virus, are having a reaction to the shot, or because it’s still possible to get influenza after having a shot although symptoms are typically milder.

They increase productivity

Corporate flu vaccinations are excellent because they reduce absenteeism and ensure that employees are healthy enough to work productivity.