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Turning Over A New Leaf With A New Season! The Best Wear For Autumn From Our Dress Shops In Townsville

It’s getting a bit frosty this time of year! As we are in the midst of the Autumn season, this means it’s the perfect time to add any additional pieces to pop in your wardrobe that will rug you up in the cold weather. There is many types of wear that is just perfect for the season such as sweaters, turtle neck blouses, boots, and tights to get you ready to combat the shiver of the season by getting one of our dress shops in Townsville. We will be looking at our best selling pieces from our dress shops in Townsville that will make sure you ace the Autumn season.

Here are a few great must-haves for Autumn from our dress shops in Townsville that will sure to warm you during this cold weather: 


You can kick in your boots with one of the many options of heeled shoes to choose from our dress shops in Townsville. The many styles you can work with include Chelsea, Knee-high or Mid-length boots to allow you to confidently walk in. Walk with a breath of fresh air with the help of this pair. These boots are definitely madefor walking. Our dress shops in Townsville are sure knock your socks off.

Chunky Knit

Everybody wants to slip on a big ol’ baggy sweater is the perfect addition to your Autumn closet. You will look cute and comfy, feeling as soft as a marshmallow. This is the perfect outfit to lounge around with. You can couple this knit with an embellished necklace, and jeans, and sneakers, and you look like a cool chick. You will be look ultra chic for the season, embracing the couch potato you are. We have in our range the Lounge Around Town Piece Set in Camel that can be seen in our dress shops in Townsville. You will be looking ready for a movie and popcorn with this piece.

Light Coat

As the Autumn season is a combination of flightiness with a fluctuation from hot to cold, a light coat will be the perfect outerwear to finalise your outfit. Feel warm during this cold climate, with a light coat to gently hug your bodice. Whether you get a blazer, jean jacket, and kimono, you can get a good layer to topple over your outfit. Add on a pair from our dress shops in Townsville to complete the look.


If you’re in need to have pants to gently warm up your thighs, trousers are for you. Trousers are incredibly versatile and are capable to be warm to fit with the fluctuating hot-cold weather of the Autumn season. You won’t feel too cold or too humid by donning on a pair of these pants. The best shades for this look is those with a neutral or earth tone to fit with the fallen leaves of Autumn. We have our Barcelona pants in beige found in our dress shops in Townsville that will be sure to make you look pristine.

Turtleneck blouse

Always wanted to look like Velma from Scooby Doo? Turtlenecks are the easiest way to look classy without much effort required. If you want to be casual but look a little dressed up, these blouses are perfect as the fit comfortably but also make you look incredibly elegant. It is adaptable being able to be paired with jumpsuits, dresses, skirts or trousers. In our dress shops in Townville we have the Copnehagen top in black that is sure to triumph your look for the season. The shirt incudes a polyester material and has shirrs to add additional aspects to the overall look.  

Our dress shops in Townsville have an array of options of outfit pieces perfect for the Autumn season. You will nice and rugged up with a sweater, turtleneck, pants, jacket, and boots top it all off. You will not regret it by getting one of selection of clothes from our dress shops in Townsville.