Top Sights To See During Your Grand Canyon Helicopter Ride

Signing up to a Grand Canyon helicopter ride will provide guests with an experience they will never forget.

Travellers come from far and wide to soak in this iconic city and it is the Strip that garners all of the attention of the crowds.

When scaling the heights of this luxurious landmark that attracts approximately 43 million people a year and raking in close to $1000 per person during their trip, it is a chopper tour that allows guests to truly maximize their experience.

Let us fly by some of the top sights and attractions that can be viewed from your very own helicopter seat.


The Mirage Volcano

Your Grand Canyon helicopter ride will literally erupt with magnificent style and grace as you take a ride past The Mirage Volcano. This is a sight that is located a short distance away at the Las Vegas Boulevard. It is a landmark that celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2019 after initially opening in 1989 where pyrotechnics illuminate the Nevada skies of the early evening. You will need to check with the tour guide if the departure will fit in with the scheduled volcano eruption, usually occurring at slotted times on the calendar for shows around 7pm of a week and 9pm of a weekend.


Bellagio Fountains

Another sight that has been showcased in pop culture and postcards around the world are the Bellagio Fountains. Unlike The Mirage Volcano, this is an orchestrated presentation that happens every 30 minutes, so there will be no one who takes part in a Grand Canyon helicopter ride who won’t get to enjoy the 450-foot synchronised water shoots. There is in excess of 1000 fountains within the Bellagio creation and what would be made famous by Ocean’s 11 in 2001 would become an iconic go-to feature for a city already rich with culture and tapestry.


Stratosphere Casino and Tower

Move aside Eiffel Tower because the Stratosphere Tower stands at the tallest freestanding structure in the United States at a whopping 1,149 feet. During the Grand Canyon helicopter ride, this will be an attraction that is literally impossible to miss. Within this glorious complex is a series of rides, comedy clubs, restaurants and close to 2,500 separate rooms for visitors.


MGM Grand

If you have ever seen a marquee boxing event, chances are it happened at the MGM Grand. One of the most iconic sights to take in during your Grand Canyon helicopter ride will be this magnificent structure and the largest casino in the entire city. Opening in 1993 it is home to almost 7,000 unique rooms where boutique restaurants meet high-end entertainment quarters, providing plenty of red carpet entrances and parties galore that don’t stop until sunrise. Once you have encountered Leo the lion statue out front, you know you have found the MGM Grand.


New York-New York Hotel and Casino

One of the owned properties of MGM that can be viewed during your Grand Canyon helicopter ride is the New York-New York Hotel and Casino. With over 2,000 rooms to boast for incoming guests, this attraction is a homage to the great city on the East Coast with their own version of the Eiffel Tower and a fast speed rollercoaster that hits a frightening 108 km/h.



Whether your Grand Canyon helicopter ride is private or shared with other tourists hoping to soak in an adventure of a lifetime, there is plenty of opportunity to book in and reserve a place. During the peak summer periods and over the Christmas holidays, there will be a rush to secure a spot on the chopper so make reservations ahead of time and enquire with local tour outlets who can guide you through the process.