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Top 3 Reasons To Pursue IT Internships

If you are a student in computer science or some other field related to information technology, then it would make sense for you to know as much as you can before entering the workforce. One of the best ways to do this is to pursue IT internships that give you first-hand experience working in an information technology environment when all the theory you have learnt will be tested and molded into a set of employable skills.

The following will examine the top 3 reasons for pursing IT internships.

1.   Experience in the job

Obviously, the most prevalent reason to pursue IT internships is to get practical experience on the actual job that you want to start a professional career in. While you would have done assignments and tasks in school that imitate what you would be required to do in a real workplace, there is no substitute for the real thing where the work you do actually contributes towards some kind of goal.

You will learn that a company, and especially computer systems, work in an interconnected way where a failure in one area can make work impossible in another. One of the biggest lessons you will learn from the experience is how time-pressure and poor management can induce human error and cause projects to become delayed where they otherwise would run smoothly.

Most people in the professional world that you encounter will have various levels of incompetence that you will need to work around. Getting practical experience on the job is the best way to prepare you for working with a variety of personality types in a professional environment.

2.   Potential mentorship

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Of course, another important thing that you can get out of an IT internship is the chance to find a mentor who is able to help guide you in the early and most critical stages of your career path. They will be able to give you tips and share expertise that you can’t get anywhere else, and this can prove invaluable when you are navigating your first career moves and finding your niche in the information technology industry.

A mentor can help you avoid common pitfalls and teach you about unspoken rules that others will need to learn the hard way. This can give you a serious advantage when you are out looking for your first job and they can help you network with others who will respect their opinion in favor of you.

A good mentor will see something of their younger selves in you and want to help you in the way that others helped them. Make sure you take the chance to get a mentor if you decide to take advantage of IT internships.

3.   Potential employment

Another great thing about pursuing IT internships is that they will give you a chance to gain employment through the firm you have done your placement with. While not all firms will offer this choice (even if you are brilliant), many will jump at the chance to grab a young person who is capable and will likely have higher loyalty to the company due to being given their first job in the industry.

This is why it’s a good idea to go for placements that have this chance for employment explicitly stated and to really apply yourself in the role you are given. Don’t give up if you don’t end up getting employment, as you can still get a good reference to put on your resume and show that you got valuable experience in your IT internship, whatever it may have been.