Woman showing off her eyebrow tattoo in Sydney

The Myths and Mystical Magic Of An Eyebrow Tattoo

Like any groundbreaking technique in the field of beauty and cosmetology, there are always people spouting strange and salacious facts about any new and improved technique that starts heading up the trending lists, the eyebrow tattoo Sydney procedure is no exception.

The somewhat new method of updating the eye beauty game, it seems that getting an eyebrow tattoo is fast becoming the hottest new trend, and for good reasons. There is an interesting science behind the odd sounding process, most people would naturally flinch at the prospect of a permanent marking etched near their eye, but as we’ll explain, it’s anything but scary.

What’s Involved with An Eyebrow Tattoo?

Let’s begin this wonderous road with a quick recap on what exactly an eyebrow tattoo is. More or less, an eyebrow tattoo is what you’d expect from the title – it’s an enhancement designed to give your eyes a boost in boldness.

It’s particularly popular with those who want to add a sense of volume and semi-permanent eyeliner to their illustrious look. The added ink pigmentation can be as thick or thin as desired to achieve a more natural or emboldened look.

Common Questions About an Eyebrow Tattoo

There are a few common misconceptions over the process and subsequent effect that an eyebrow tattoo can have, so we have found a few of the more common ones to alleviate some concerns in the crowd.

Is It Permanent?

In short. No. The ink used is naturally fading over a long period of time, the pigment adjustment will typically be at full volume for at least a year with some regular touch ups. With proper care and in some cases, it can last up to five years! Not too bad when considering the savings in eyeliner.

Does It Hurt?

Like any work being done involving ink and needles, it can be a little discomforting. However, the process for an eyebrow tattoo Sydney procedure is markedly less invasive than a standard ink blotting, and special care is always taken by worthy professionals to ensure you’re in as little pain as possible.

Is It Safe?

While anything involving your ocular zone can carry its share of risks, there are few cases of serious side effects from the relatively common process. Following the after-care instructions from your healthcare professional is always highly recommended, as an eyebrow tattoo involves after-care, it’s important to follow instructions clearly and concisely. 

Is It Expensive?

Like any semi-permanent treatment involving beauty, it can have its price tags attached. While it may seem like a hefty investment from the outset, once you factor in a few things it can become much more affordable in hindsight. Factoring in the savings in makeup and time saved in preparation with the new look is certainly one cost-benefit. Considering the preciseness and relative environment of the process, you should also consider the fact that if you want quality work by a trained professional, it’s best to fork out a little extra for the safety of it.

Book In Your Eyebrow Tattoo Today!

If you can’t tell already, we are massive fans of the new and improved look that an eyebrow tattoo Sydney procedure can give you. The semi-permanence takes a lot of the pressure off considering it as a long term commitment that alternative treatments offer, and saving time every morning has certainly got us excited to have a few extra minutes of sleep without the worry.

We always recommend you to meet with your beautician first and have a talk about the whole process. What’s involved in pre-care and after-care so that you can rest easy with your new look.