woman running on a treadmill

The Benefits Of Using A Treadmill Regularly

There are numerous well-known benefits to using a treadmill, associated with cardiovascular exercise. Walking or running on a treadmill is an excellent way to exercise and work on the cardiovascular system while also reducing the stress that is placed upon the body usually associated with traditional cardiovascular exercise methods such as running on the road or other flat surfaces outdoors. If you have the best home gym, then you should know that a treadmill is also constantly evolving due to innovative technology, and many have incredible interactive environments that allow you to track your exercise stats as well as monitor your body through heart rate and beats per minute. This makes it exceptionally easy for people to understand their exercise limits allowing them to track and set goals easily.
All of this in combination ensures a great machine to use for exercise purposes that offer health, safety and interactivity.

Here are some of the primary benefits of using a treadmill regularly.

Reduced impact on body

One of the big benefits that comes with using a treadmill is the reduced impact it has on your body in comparison to traditional running methods on flat surfaces outdoors. Every step you take while running outdoors has an impact on your legs, especially if you are moving quickly. This can eventually lead to joint problems such as ankle, knee and also back problems due to the impact over time. These problems will eventually build up and can affect you severely in your old age. A treadmill provides a soft and smooth surface to run on and reduces the impact on your legs significantly as a result.
Moreover, a treadmill offers an even running platform that does not have any bumps or hidden rocks that may cause you injury. The reduced impact on your legs is a saving grace for your joints and bones when running, and you will thank yourself for doing so in your older age.

You are in control

Another benefit of using a treadmill is the fact that you are in complete control over your entire workout. This could be in terms of the intensity, the duration or even the incline of the run! Depending on the level of your fitness, you can choose to have a lighter workout and go for a shorter and flat incline run or jog. If you want to go a little harder than you can up the speed of the machine and run for longer. If you are an experienced runner, you can choose to increase the incline so it feels like you are running up a hill and increase the speed so the workout is more intense. For these reasons, a treadmill is a great purchase for people of any fitness level, as you can choose how your workout goes.
Furthermore, as your fitness levels progress you can increase your workouts accordingly which makes it a versatile tool for those from beginner levels of fitness to experienced running veterans. Some models of a treadmill even come with customizable settings that allow you to program your workout down to the last kilometer and minute, meaning everything is set up to guide you through your run.

Heart health

This is one of the more obvious benefits that is known across the world.

Cardiovascular exercise has numerous benefits when it comes to heart health and is strongly recommended by medical professionals worldwide for everybody to partake in for long term health. Regular aerobic exercise will help to increase the strength of the heart, as well as the circulation of blood in the body. Increased circulation of blood means that the muscles will receive more oxygen thereby being able to work harder and for longer.
This is how people progress in runs.

In summary, using a treadmill has various benefits including the ability to control your workouts, the reduced impact on your body and heart health benefits.