Senior man using a bargain bong bought online

Size Doesn’t Matter When It Comes To Small Bongs

When it comes to smoking paraphernalia, the process of choosing the right apparatus for you is entirely subjective. After all, there’s no real correct method when it comes to your recreational smoking time, some people enjoy a less subtle and larger form of vaporizer for instance, whereas some of the more careful smokers amongst us will opt for small bongs and pipes instead. While there are no right or wrong answers in this equation, it’s always disheartening to see the conversation around small bongs be that of inferiority, when it’s anything but.

If you’re someone who lives in a smaller or quieter neighborhood, in a house share or simply want to streamline and reduce the amount you’re smoking every time, small bongs are the perfect solution. There’s no stigma when it comes to the size after all, what matters is the build, quality, and style. Today will be a case for why small bongs are not the inferior or lesser choice for true and noble smokers. In fact, small bongs are the true superior choice for those looking for a clean, clear, and concise smoking experience.

Portable & Plentiful

One of the key benefits of using small bongs in lieu of the larger and more overt alternatives is the portability and mobility that the size provides. While many people will espouse that bigger is better, these people are typically incorrect in their assumption. If properly built with the right materials, small bongs have the capacity to engage a smoker in a pleasant and quickened experience overall.

The market seems to be reflecting this theory quite heavily, thanks in no part to the plentiful array of options currently on the marketplace. Many of the largest suppliers of smoking paraphernalia have opted to put time and money into developing small bongs that have the same consistency and longevity as their expensive and overwrought counterparts.

The Right Material Makes All The Difference

The size is never the top of any serious smoker’s requirement list, with small bongs, it’s all about the material and build. After all, the quality of the materials going into it is the signifiers of the level of care that the manufacturer is providing. Good quality glass and seal will garner a much more pleasant experience than that of a large and overly ambitious counterpart with inferior materials.

Easier To Clean & Keep Subtle

Size does have a part to play in certain considerations, for instance, the cleaning and subtlety factors that may be a factor for your everyday life. Larger alternatives often take a lot longer to clean and will often require more specialist tools to get into the nooks and crannies that are problematic in more intricate devices.

Small bongs have the caveat of being easy to clean and easy to hide away, this is especially useful for those living in environments where they don’t want to have their prized smoking device on display for whatever reason.

For smokers and enthusiasts alike, there is simply no better way to put it; size does not matter. This can be translated in many ways but in the case of small bongs, this is a pertinent fact. For those looking to dive into smoking paraphernalia for the first time, they may wish to consider a simple, elegant, and portable apparatus for their first foray into the smoking world.

Not only does it allow them to sample and smoke in smaller amounts, but it also extends to be easier to clean, cheaper and more portable for those little road trips or instances where camouflage is encouraged.