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How A Digital Marketing Agency Approaches Content Creation

Digital marketing agencies in Sydney specialise in many different areas, and one of those areas is content creation. This involves the writing of blog articles, product landing pages, and other related media that can help a client’s business set itself apart from the competition and provide value to users in exchange for a boost in search relevancy, and in turn a boost in sales.

Of course, every digital marketing agency will have their own specific approaches and systems in place for content creation. However, there are some common principles that are shared between practitioners who know the best way to leverage written copy for the purposes of search engine optimisation (SEO).

Let’s take a look at some of the principal approaches a digital marketing agency takes when it comes to content creation.

Keyword optimisation

A digital marketing agency will almost always incorporate keyword optimisation when it comes to undertaking content creation for their clients. This means taking the keywords that a business is targeting for their SEO and incorporating them throughout their content in the most natural way possible.

For example, a pet shop client might have the keyword “dog food”, so an SEO consultant in Sydney will make sure that the said keyword appears on their website in relevant places like titles, subheadings and image alt text. The sprinkling of keywords throughout content in a strategic way is one of the most powerful SEO tactics since it is a direct signal to the search engine algorithm that the website is relevant to the keywords.

Of course, it is possible to over-optimise with keywords and insert far too many in a small area of text. If you do this, Google will assume you are trying to trick their system by spamming a signal. This is known as ‘keyword stuffing’ and sites that engage in it will quickly be punished by Google’s algorithm.

Lots of people accidentally keyword stuff when they were trying to do it strategically because of their inexperience. This is why it’s essential to hire a professional digital marketing agency to undertake this work.

Blog topics

When a digital marketing agency is handling a client’s blogs, they will often need to do research on what the most interesting topics are and try not to overlap with content that already exists. The Google algorithm hate’s duplicate content just as much as it hates keyword stuffed content, so it’s not a good idea to regurgitate the same articles over and over with little difference between them.

Some of the best types of content a digital marketing agency can create in this space are how-to guides and industry breakdowns that give you the chance to demonstrate your expertise to customers and give something back. Infographics are incredibly popular as a means of demonstrating a point at a glance and inviting users to learn more about it.

Landing pages

Landing pages are another area that a digital marketing agency will specialise in when it comes to content creation. They are essentially long-copy adverts that are only seen by users who click on sponsored ads in search results. They are designed to give a concise and convincing message to the customer about why they should buy the product or inquire about he services the client is selling.

There you have it, 3 ways that a digital marketing agency will approach unique content creation for its clients.