Woman inside a British sweet shop

Australian Shopper Checklist When Approaching a British Sweet Shop

Australians will find a world of confectionary opportunities when they approach a British sweet shop. The names are famous to some and completely new to others, offering a range of Edinburgh rocks, Dairy Milk chocolates, pan drops, fizzy dummies, jazzies, Chelsea whoppers, fruit polos, Sherbert Fountains and so much more.

As delicious as they are for an afternoon treat or after dinner snack, it is important to buy the kind of items that will be savoured rather than spat out or discarded. Here is our official checklist for domestic customers.

Who Are You Buying For?

The first step that Australian consumers should take when approaching a British sweet shop is to know the tastes of the target market. From friends to family members of all ages and persuasions, it is important to see if the confectionary brands are too sweet, too fizzy or will produce problems with the teeth for younger customers. Most adults are free to experiment with the entire range of delicious offerings but it won’t be the case for some.

What is The Budget?

It always helps consumers when they approach these British confectionary brands with a budget in mind. Especially with so many chocolates and candies on display from historic providers, it is easy to get carried away with purchases. Have a figure in mind, whether it is as little as $10 or upwards of $100, and ensure that the collection doesn’t venture beyond that point.

What Sweets Do the Brits Love?

One of the best ways of checking which items are best to buy from these stores is checking with the Brits themselves. Much like Englishmen and women will talk to their Australian counterparts about our beer and wine collections, they are the experts when it comes to delicious after-dinner treats. If they know that the item is popular, that should be enough to at lease experiment with.

Is The Brand Authentically British?

A great way for consumers to find value with a British sweet shop is to ensure that they are the genuine article to begin with. The leading brands in this niche of the market will be found with Cadbury, Lion, Crawford & Tilley, Maynards, Bassett’s, Rowntrees, Kingsway, Swizzels Matlow and Taverners among many others. If they are an unknown quantity, it can be hard to know if they are from authentic British origins or not.

Scanning Local Supplier Availability

For Australian customers to enjoy value with a British sweet shop, they need to know that they exist and that they happen to be open. Consumers across metropolitan centres like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth will be spoiled for choice with many expats opening their own location. However, others in suburban and rural areas might not be so lucky so they will need to do their research first.

Online Shopping Expeditions  

If there are domestic customers who are not as fortunate with their proximity to a British sweet shop, then they will still have an entire catalogue of confectionary goods at their disposal when they venture to online sellers. Every British sweet shop will promote themselves online and have a presence there, offering unique packages and collections for the holiday season as well as deals that help to cover courier costs. Participants can find out who rates well, how affordable their stocks are and if they have to important from the UK or if they are already available here.

Local consumers are in safe hands when they approach a British sweet shop with these pointers in mind. There will be the old classics that provide the nostalgia and some new offerings that really push the boundaries for the taste buds.