Functions Of Management

Five Essential Functions Of Management


Planning involves looking ahead to the future. Drawing up a good plan of action is considered to be the hardest among the five functions of management. It requires the active participation of the entire organization. When planning, factors of time and implementation are to be considered along with plan linked to and coordinated on various levels for its practical success. Continuity can be guaranteed when planning takes into account the organization’s available resources and flexibility of personnel.

Functions Of Management


An organization can function well only if it is well organized. Effective organizing consists of holding sufficient capital, staff, and raw materials so that the organization can operate smoothly and enable it to build a good working structure. An organizational structure with an efficient division of functions and tasks is of vital importance. It is observed that when the number and amount of functions increases, the organization will tend to expand in both directions, horizontally and vertically. Such organization requires a different kind of leadership. This makes the organization one of the five primary functions of management.


When giving commands, orders, and clear working instructions, it will inculcate the employees to know what is precisely required by them. Return from all employees is said to be optimized when they are given clear cut instructions with respect to their duties carried out by them. Successful managers possess the abilities of integrity and clear communication based on regular audits. Efficient managers are capable of motivating the team while encouraging the employees to take the initiative as well.


When all the activities of the firm are harmonized, the organization will tend to function better. Positive influencing and reinforcing of employees behavior are vital to this. Coordination aims at stimulating motivation and discipline within the fundamentals of group dynamics. This requires clear-cut communication and great leadership. It is only through positive leadership and clear communication along with positive employee behavior, can the management achieve its intended objectives.


Control is said to take place in a step by step process which involves:-

  • Establishing performance standards based on organizational objectives
  • Measure and report based on actual performance
  • Comparing results with performance and standards
  • Taking necessary corrective or preventive measures as needed
  • By verifying whether everything in the business is moving according to plan, the organization knows precisely whether all activities of the firm are carried out accordingly and conformity to the plan.