Focus Your Mind

Tips On How To Focus Your Mind

Witness your thoughts

Overthinking or letting your thoughts get the most of you can be overwhelming. It is impossible to stop thinking entirely. If you attempt to try not to think, you will only end up thinking about how to stop thinking. You can tackle such mental clutter by withdrawing from your thoughts and becoming more of an objective spectator.


Picture your mind as a blank canvas or a dark sky

Train your mind to allow thoughts to pass through instead of restricting you. Allow thoughts to come and go but resist the urge to pursue each passing thought. This will tend to slow down your brain making you feel less pressurized.

Focus Your Mind


If you find it relatively inconvenient or hard to let go of your thoughts, try counting at a slow pace as you breathe each time. Watch your thoughts and resist pursuing them. Instead, turn your attention to the count as you breathe out.


Pay active attention

Your mind may wander at times when indulging in any other activity. Instead, try to focus on the task at hand. Tend to be firm with yourself by bringing yourself back to the matter at hand the moment the mind wanders. As you keep refocusing on the case at hand, your mind stillness will improve.

Still your body

Signs of fragmented attention are a fragmented movement of the body. People who lack mental stillness often show erratic body movements while those with rapt attention is typically accompanied by still body posture.

Find a comfortable position and don’t allow yourself to move

Inculcate the ability to focus on what are you doing or watching while distracting you from all other physical distractions and enabling you to focus your thoughts on the task at hand. After a while, you will observe that you fidget less and experience less physical discomfort.

Interest your mind

Try to seek interest in anything you do. This will allow your mind to concentrate more on the matter at hand. Availing or taking up new hobbies are a tremendous source of help. Seek interest in even the dullest of subjects, as it will change your perspective interest.


Open the mind

Just as the attributes of flexibility, strength, and stamina must be incorporated in your physical routine; the brain requires fresh and intriguing techniques or challenges to give it a change from everyday routine. Open yourself up to new possibilities by indulging in new activities and reading more interesting articles.