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4 Traits To Look For When Hiring One Of The Many Family Lawyers Around Sydney

If you are living in the metropolitan heartland of New South Wales and are going through a divorce, then you may want to hire the services of one of the several family lawyers in Sydney. These are the legal professionals who understand what it takes to help you navigate the complexity of the system and come out the other side with the best deal possible for your future (and the future of any children you have).

However, it’s not always easy to try to find the right person to engage to help you with this critical process. There are many competing family lawyers in Sydney who want your business, and some are going to be better than others for your specific needs.

To help you narrow down your selection, take a look at the following 4 traits you should look for when hiring a family lawyer within Sydney and surrounds.

1.   Experience

If possible, make sure you get a family lawyer around Sydney who has experience so that you know you are in safe hands. You don’t want to get someone who is too junior to help you with the complexity of the problems you are facing, especially if there are a lot of complicated issues to deal with.

For example, if you have a complex property settlement or child custody disputed (or even both), you don’t want to hire a solicitor who has little experience in those areas. If your ex hires a more experienced family lawyer in Sydney, then you will undoubtedly be at a significant disadvantage.

2.   Organisation

As with any kind of solicitor you hire, the family lawyer in Sydney that you engage also needs to be highly organised, there is a lot of paperwork and other sophisticated elements involved in this kind of process. You don’t want to be partnering with a solicitor who isn’t organised enough to handle it.

It would be terrible if you didn’t get the result you wanted because the family lawyer in Sydney that you hired wasn’t organised and forgot something important. Make sure you are hiring someone who is highly organised and won’t let you down.

3.   Has the best interests of the child in mind

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A crucial trait of the best family lawyers around Sydney is that they follow the principle of the best interests of the child. This means that throughout everything they do, they will advise solutions that protect the interests of children to give them the best future possible.

Hiring a solicitor like this enables you to more easily cooperate and find a compromise with your ex, at least with regards to the custody of children. You don’t want to cause emotional harm to your kids by having a long and drawn-out dispute that fails to take their best interests into account.

4.   Has court experience

While they will try to help you avoid the courtroom the best they can, sometimes it may be inevitable. If this happens, you want to ensure that you have hired a family lawyer in Sydney who will be able to help you litigate your case and do their best to help you win the outcome you desire.

Most of the time family lawyers within Sydney don’t need to take matters to court because they help their clients work out a private agreement with their ex. But if the case does eventually need to go to court, it pays to have a solicitor on your side who is experienced in this aspect of the process.